Sick call set crucifix


Title  Sick call set crucifix
Subject  Crosses; Extreme unction; Viaticum; Liturgical adaptation
Description  Sliding-panel crucifix that contains candles, holy water bottle, communion cloth, and cotton ball,  plus instructions (displayed separately) for use in anointing of the sick or for extreme unction  (last rites).
Creator  Divinity Religious Gift Shop, Jefferson City, Missouri
Date  1950-1960
Type  object
Format  physical object: cross of varnished wood with iron fasteners and aluminum alloy metal figure  attachments, 13″ x 8″
Identifier  JW0316-00016
Source  Collection of Lynn Paluga, from the estate of Josephine Paluga
Relation  Is part of Sick call set crucifix instructions
Rights  Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-Share Alike (CC BY-SA): This item is fee to use with attribution  and provided its reuse is licensed under identical terms.