LIS Coursework & Projects



Adviser:  Dr. Nora J.Bird

Fall 2015

LIS 600: Foundation of Library/Information Studies (Dr. Chris Cunningham)

LIS 620: Information Services and Sources (Nancy K. Poole)

LIS 640: Information Organization/Access (Dr. Nora J. Bird)

Spring 2016

LIS 643: Metadata (Dr. Fatih Oguz)

LIS 644: Digital Libraries (Dr. Nora J. Bird and David Gwynn)

LIS 650: Library Administration/Management (Dr. Richard J. Moniz)

Fall 2016

LIS 623: Online Bibliographic Information Retrieval (Dr. Richard J. Moniz)

LIS 631: Emerging Technological Trends in Information Access  (Dr. Fatih Oguz)

LIS 636: Web Production / Usability for Librarians (Dr. Anthony Chow)

Spring 2017

LIS 610: Collection Management (Dr. Nora Bird)

LIS 641: Cataloging and Classification (Dr. Sonia Archer-Capuzzo) 

LIS 691: Practicum: Duke Divinity School Library (Dr. Beth Sheppard and Phu Nguyen)

LIS 698: Capstone  (Dr. Fatih Oguz)


Ethics and Advocacy (LIS 600)

     Action Research Paper:

Destroying the Town in Order to Save It: Access Implications of Migration of Physical Holdings to Repository and Digital Collections